O is for Onion Routing

It’s official, Mike & Rob really know their onions! Or they should after this month’s tech segment which is all about Onion Routing (aka TOR) and the dark web.

Containing considerably less paranoia than you’d expect (possibly because we’ve become desensitised over the last 14 months) we explore the history of this project, privacy concerns, the Silk Road, social impact and the unbelievable discovery that Mike has never seen The Princess Bride!

Afraid of the dark (web)? Fine, step into the light and listen to our Ocean’s Eleven chat over in the film segment.

A is for Asymmetric Encryption

In this first episode (part 2), Mike and Rob takes a wander through the complex world of public private key encryption.

Recorded in front of an inebriated, public house audience at two of Jersey’s finest watering hole, fuelled by a range of ales and with more ums per minute than you’d believe possible!

(be sure to check out part one – Alien)