R is for Robocop

The year is 2043, Detroit is a sh*t hole (nothing changes) and MCP are looking for “volunteers” for their new cyborg program, code name RoboCop!

It’s a classic, it’s Verhoeven, it’s violent, grim and above all it’s the 80s. Mike & Rob take an armoured car through Old Detroit and explore everything the franchise has to offer. You have to listen to this episode. After all, dead or alive, you’re coming with us!

Wouldn’t buy that for a dollar? That’s fine, we’re getting Hertz over in the tech bit where we cover the whole spectrum of radio.

K is for Karate Kid

Wax on, wax off! After a shocker of a poll, Mike & Rob suit up and head to the dojo (pub) to discuss the seminal, martial arts coming of age movie Karate Kid. With the usual plot dissection, some superb karatriva and one star reviews from Donald Trump, it only remains to be seen if Mike will sweep the leg and if Rob will ever work out how to get all this wax off!

Oh and stay tuned for the special announcement of our super special Christmas special! It’s … special.

To punchy for ya? Well we did a tech thing about keyboards that might push your buttons (it’s quite rude though so you’ve been warned).

G is for Ghostbusters

“We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

A movie that requires no introduction and didn’t really need a podcast, this month, Mike and Rob try to avoid things that go bump in the night and take a tour round New York with the Ghostbusters! Expect the usual sillyness, 1 Star reviews and a mass of misty nostalgia.

To spooky for ya? Check out our space laced tech segment on GPS!

E is for Escape From New York

“Call me Sssnake”

Kurt Russell? Check! John Carpenter? Check! Amazing synth soundtrack? Check check! In this month’s movie episode, Mike and Rob discuss Carpenter’s cult classic. The ultimate anti hero, a truly despicable president, and Issac Hayes in all his glory but did the guys actually enjoy the film? You’ll have to give it a listen to find out!

Looking for something with less synth to put a smile on your … phone? Check out the tech segment – E is for Emoji!