100% FOMO* Proof

Podcasts are a lot like a big night out – you don’t want them too often but once in a while it’s just what you need! Trouble is, we’re all busy and it’s all too easy to forget when something amazing is about to happen!

The best way to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest from Mike & Rob is to subscribe and there are a load of different ways you can do this:

We’re on iTunes! Just tap us up and add us to your PodCast app on your iPhone, iPad or in the iTunes app.


We’re also on SoundCloud. Follow us and install their app and you get freshly baked WDAWKT every month along with an enormous sense of well being

Don’t want the audio?

Well we are a podcast so … duh. But fair enough, you can follow us in a load of other places to get the latest info, releases, polls etc:

Twitter – 140 characters of drunken knowledge in every tweet.

Facebook – The same stuff as Twitter but more of it. Don’t forget to like the page to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Instagram – yeah … because photos of a podcast are totes a thing.

* Fear Of Missing Out