G is for GPS

Geo all the things!

It’s about time the tech segment escaped our humble atmosphere and made it to outerspace. And with that in mind join us for an orbital tour of all things geo. GPS, Geo Caching, Geo Fencing, Geo Cities … er … yes. Anyway, give it a listen, it really is out of this world!

To spacey for you? Come back to earth with a bump and check out this month’s film episode Ghostbusters.

G is for Ghostbusters

“We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

A movie that requires no introduction and didn’t really need a podcast, this month, Mike and Rob try to avoid things that go bump in the night and take a tour round New York with the Ghostbusters! Expect the usual sillyness, 1 Star reviews and a mass of misty nostalgia.

To spooky for ya? Check out our space laced tech segment on GPS!

F is for The Future (according to Rob)

Ok so we may have been a little ambitious here. Attempts to explain the future (all of it) after a few beers resulted in … something.

Starting with the Industrial Revolution, Rob takes Mike on a magical meandering ride through the present and into the great beyond. Expect the usual level of confusion, confoundment and crass combobulation.

(Not ready for the big picture? That’s fine, check out our film segment on the madness of Face Off which, it turns out, is also a pretty big picture)

iPhone Internals … see it’s mostly battery!

F is for Face Off


It’s a modern day classic, John Woo, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, some other people. 20 years old and it’s barely aged (a lot like Cage tbh).

Mike takes great delight in dissecting this particular piece of 90’s action awesomeness, although he does have a strange obsession with working out just how far the “swap” went. It’s fast, it’s frantic, it’s funny… it’s Face Off!

(Not a fan of Face Off? What the hell is wrong with you??!!?? Ok you can go check out the Future in the tech segment but we want you to take that time to think about what you did!)

The vote is open once more!

The team have put their heads together and we’ve got the shortlist for the July recording (yeah, I know it’s June but we like to be organised). Place your votes to ensure we cover the topics you care slightly more about than the others!

(Vote closes midnight on the 24th June – just in time for us to record the next episode but don’t think “oh, that’s cool, I’ve got loads of time, I’ll do it later” cos we might close it early! Or later! You never know. We’re crazy! Totally off the reserva… yeah so vote already)

E is for Emoji

Just what is the plural of Emoji … Emojis, Emojie? Who knows, and who cares.

In this months tech segment, Rob tells Mike way more about Emoji than anyone would care to admit to knowing. Pictograms, Purple Egg Plants and Poop all feature, along with a healthy dose of innuendo, more than enough to put a smiley on your face.

Don’t dig the Emoji? That’s fine, head over to this month’s movie episode to learn all about Escape from New York! (warning contains synth)

The Original Emoji

As created by Shigetaka Kurita back in 1998:

Shigetaka Kurita, NTT DOCOMO. Emoji (original set of 176). 1998–99. Software and digital image files. Gift of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan

Src: MoMA

E is for Escape From New York

“Call me Sssnake”

Kurt Russell? Check! John Carpenter? Check! Amazing synth soundtrack? Check check! In this month’s movie episode, Mike and Rob discuss Carpenter’s cult classic. The ultimate anti hero, a truly despicable president, and Issac Hayes in all his glory but did the guys actually enjoy the film? You’ll have to give it a listen to find out!

Looking for something with less synth to put a smile on your … phone? Check out the tech segment – E is for Emoji!

D is for Databases

ALL YOUR DATABASE ARE BELONG TO US! Join Mike & Rob as they skip lightly through the depths of the database. From early efforts through to hipster NoSQL via some crazy stats, very poor maths skills, even worse fish puns, and the inevitable bag o d#cks.

Recorded al fresco at the Cock & Bottle it may seem like a meandering mess but there is a point … honest … if only we could remember it.

Too techy or simply looking for more of our dulcet tones? We also did Dr. Strangelove and it’s a good un!

D is for Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Welcome to another month’s beer fuelled movie madness. This time Mike & Rob are discussing the various merits of Kubrik’s 1964 black satire Dr. Strangelove.

Recorded al fresco at the Cock & Bottle with all the usual features you’ve come to know and love including, Nazi’s, seagulls and Amazon 1 Star reviews.

Want more? Check out this month’s tech segment which deals with the ever entertaining topic of Databases!

C is for Cookies, Caches and other Crap tech support tell you to Clear

So it turns out BrewDog’s Punk IPA is not a session ale … this may explain why this month’s tech segment in which Mike & Rob explore the complex mysterious world of Cookies and Caches turns into a delightfully rambling adventure that would be right at home in any pub or bar anywhere in the world.

Ever wondered if the inventor of the World Wide Web sent saucy snapchats? How about the importance of the humble Cookie in avoiding embarrassing online checkout moments. We’ve got it all and more.

(Too techy for you or simply want more of Mike & Rob? Check out this month’s Movie segment where we get into Casablanca)