Z is for Zip (and other compression tech)

It’s not how big it is … er yeah. So rounding out the alphabet and we’re talking Zip files and other compression algos in this month’s rather technical tech segment.

Including a brief history, an almost certainly incorrect break down of how compression works and a lot of trolls (of the patent variety) it’s a nice enough way to end the season. And let’s face it, it’s the only tech thing beginning with Z of any note.

Compression leave you feeling a little … deflated? Well we can’t say it will cheer you up but head over to this month’s movie where we’re talking Sixties Serial Killers in San Francisco as we dive into Fincher’s Zodiac!

Z is for Zodiac

Late 1960’s San Francisco and there’s a serial killer on the loose! That’s right, we’ve decided to end on a rather dark note as we slide into the obsession filled, decade spanning epic that is, David Fincher’s Zodiac.

Of course it’s based on a true story but this doesn’t stop Mike & Rob bringing their own version of inanity and slight degrees of fanboism to this sprawling review of all 157 minutes of this modern classic.

Bit dark for you? Head over to the tech segment for a light hearted look at compression in this month’s Zip episode.

Y is for social networks of YesterYear

Tenuous? Yes but this was easily the best of a bad bunch. And if you have ever wondered what happened to the guy who founded MySpace, wether Bebo is still a thing or why it is that Facebook is just so damn popular then this is the episode for you.

From the early 90s through to the upcoming wave of anti-social networks Rob and Mike skip merrily through a land of tribalism, hate speech, fake news and cat gifs … so, you know, the internet.

Can’t bring yourself to “like” social media? Pop over to the movie section where we try to breathe life into Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein!

Y is for Young Frankenstein

Set & shot in the 70s, looks and sounds like the 30s and reviewed by two guys in the 2010s it’s time to finally explore the wacky mind of Mel Brooks and his take on classic horror with Young Frankenstein. Wilder, Feldman, Kahn, a galaxy of stars in a beautiful homage to classic cinema …. so of course we make it all about dicks and general smuttery.

Not coming Alive!!!! for you? No problemo, grab your Nokia 3310 and dial up the tech episode where we chat about social networks that died years ago (and a few that didn’t)

X is for … Crypto Currency

Tis the season to be jolly. Jolly confused about Crypto Currency that is. In this month’s tech segment, recorded live in front of an actual audience at Pizza Projekt in Jersey, Rob attempts to explain the complexities of Bitcoin et al to a surprisingly responsive Mike! From the early days through to the peak at the end of 2017 and with plenty of hash gags, it’s a Christmas Crypto Miracle!

Not a Bitcoin fan? Well that’s understandable. Why not take the elevator to the 30th floor and check out Die Hard, our Xmas movie segment.

X is for … Die Hard!

X stands for anything right? Well in this month’s Xmas episode, the WDAWKT team decided to take a look at the perennial classic Die Hard.

Recorded live in front of an actual audience at Pizza Projekt in Jersey, Mike & Rob review John Mclane’s first outing, determine whether it’s a Christmas film or not, have one star reviews read out by real guests and even find time for a little game of guess the sound track!

Not convinced Die Hard is a Christmas film? Well that’s ok, you’re wrong but that’s ok. Why not try our other Xmas special – X is for Crypto Currency.

W is for World Wide Web

Every wondered where the web came from? Well wonder no more, we tell you in this months WWWDAWKT. Featuring the history of hypertext, some familiar faces and surprisingly little porn it’s Dirty Bird o clock as we surf the web like you wouldn’t believe.

Web work wearing you down? That’s cool, go check out our movie segment which is all about Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

W is for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Noir meets Looney Tunes in this month’s movie of choice with Disney’s 1988 classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Mike & Rob review this perfect blend of animation and live action, determine if Jessica Rabbit really is all that and deliver ALL the one star reviews.

Too Wacky for you? No worries, wander over to the other episode where we surf the World Wide Web.

V is for VR

We’re getting real in this month’s tech segment. Well, virtually real, with a smattering of augmentation and just a touch of mediation. From the beginnings of it all with the Sensorama™ through the wheezy, queasy 90s and up to modern day VR unicorns. Plus we actually get Mike to take a VR headset for a spin … in a pub … at night … yeah!

Feel like a numpty with that thing on your head? Well it’s your face so nothing we can do about it but perhaps the movie V for Vendetta would be more suitable?

V is for V for Vendetta

Ooh there’s trouble brewing in dystopian, facist London! And there’s trouble brewing between Rob & Mike! This month we’re donning our Guy Fawkes masks and remember remembering the joy that is 2005’s V for Vendetta. Spoiler alert, Mike doesn’t like it cos it’s based on a comic book that changed his life or some such.

V for Vendetta a veritable vexation that vilifies your various values? Verily! We have VR in the tech segment so go listen to that instead.