The Poll is closed for November

Update: The polls are closed. The people have spoken. The November episode will be:

📣 The Karate Kid & Keyboards! 📣

Thanks to all who voted, while the tech segment as a clear thing, the movie was very close with Kill Bill coming a near second.

No poll for December as we’ve got something special planned (bet you can’t guess what) but normal service will be resumed in Jan with the letter M

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J is for James Bond

We couldn’t not do James Bond when we got to J but perhaps we could have not done it in a cocktail bar.

A double feature this month as Mike and Rob don black tie, shake up a martini and stare down the barrel of 24 films! Split over two halves with three bonds per half, we include Amazon 1 Star reviews and, in place of the dedicated tech segment, a review of each Bond’s gadgets.

In the first half, we cover Connery, Lazenby*, and Moore. In the second, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig. All the while sipping martini’s, vespas and pretty much anything else JB is purported to have drunk.

It’s long, it gets messy, but it’s pretty damn funny!

Part One:

and Part Two:

* The crap Australian one, looks a bit like a plank of wood with ears.

I is for Internet of Things

“On the Internet of Things, no one knows you’re a fridge!” – Unknown

Continuing our mission to complete the WDAWKT tech buzzword bingo card, this month Rob leads Mike down the sensor laden path into the world of the Internet of Things! Smart Cars, Smart Watches, Smart Phones, the only things that aren’t smart in this episode are the hosts.

Not a fan of the internet? Fine, we’ll gloss over how the hell you listen to podcasts and invite you to waste an hour and half indulging us as we explore the world of Indiana Jones over in the movie segment.

I is for Indiana Jones

I was always going to be an Indy movie. Trouble is, all three* are so good we simply couldn’t choose between them! So we didn’t and instead introduce a near feature length, extended episode in which Mike dons his fedora, Rob grabs his bullwhip (not a euphemism) and they set off across the globe in search of fortune and glory … and beer.

Not a fan of the Jones boys? Well you may be an idiot but go listen to some techy ramblings on IoT instead while you think about what you did.

* Yes there are technically four movies but Rob refuses to acknowledge Crystal Skull as anything other than a bad dream. We’ve tried talking to him about it but he refuses, muttering something about “the sanctity of original trilogies” and “f#cking George Lucas”

H is for Hacking

Firstly, this is a long episode – sorry about that but we couldn’t possibly fit the entire topic of Hacking in to anything under an hour.

Join Mike & Rob as they explore the murky underworld of computer security through the history of phreaking, hacking and modern cyber warfare. Reviewing some notable hacks in recent years and casting a thought to what could possibly be next. Will Mike put on his white hat? Or will the dark side prove too tempting? You’ll have to listen to find out!

(Too scary / close to home / long? Checkout the much more manageable Movie Segment where we discuss Hackers … combats & roller blades optional)

H is for Hackers

As requested by our producer, we couldn’t not cover Hackers when we got to the H episodes. Beloved by many (including all of the WDAWKT team) this piece of pure 90’s nonsense proves itself to be a bit better than Mike thought it was going to be… high praise indeed!

Of course there are some who don’t like it – 1* Reviews has them covered but for the rest we’d suggest you grab your pager, strap on your ‘blades, and prepare to HACK THE PLANET!

(Can’t take the heat? Get out of the movie section and check out our tech segment which covers everything related to hacking … of course if you didn’t like this then you’re not likely to appreciate that but hey, we tried)

We’re Drunk & We’re Nominated!

The movies have the Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Razzies, while the world of tech has … well lots of awards but none that really stick in the mind. So too, the world of Podcasting has the Podcast Awards and we, the humble, drunken team behind this scrappy ‘cast with a heart of gold, are nominated!

Voting is by a closed pool so this isn’t even a call to arms – we’re just super chuffed and wanted to tell you all the good news! We’re in the “Rob Has a Podcast Entertainment Category” (different Rob, honest) along with nine other hopefuls. We have an agonising wait until the 15th Sept to find out how we did so please, keep everything crossed and please, tell everyone you see between now and then how amazing WDAWKT is, on the off-chance that one of them is actually in a voting role.

Oh and good luck to our fellow nominees Behind The Magic, Blazing Defender Report, ComicsVerse, Elseworlds Exchange, Pop Goes Your World, Remake This Movie RIGHT!, Shut Up a Second, The Blacklist Exposed & The Detroit Cast. May the best Podcast win!

G is for Ghostbusters

“We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

A movie that requires no introduction and didn’t really need a podcast, this month, Mike and Rob try to avoid things that go bump in the night and take a tour round New York with the Ghostbusters! Expect the usual sillyness, 1 Star reviews and a mass of misty nostalgia.

To spooky for ya? Check out our space laced tech segment on GPS!

F is for The Future (according to Rob)

Ok so we may have been a little ambitious here. Attempts to explain the future (all of it) after a few beers resulted in … something.

Starting with the Industrial Revolution, Rob takes Mike on a magical meandering ride through the present and into the great beyond. Expect the usual level of confusion, confoundment and crass combobulation.

(Not ready for the big picture? That’s fine, check out our film segment on the madness of Face Off which, it turns out, is also a pretty big picture)

iPhone Internals … see it’s mostly battery!