N is for Nintendo

In this month’s tech segment we have it all: Monkey’s, Mushrooms, Motor racing, russian mathematicians and prostitution. It’s an epic odyssey across, land, sea & even into outer space.

And, since as we all know, it’s dangerous to go alone, Mike is accompanying me on this mystic quest through the history, immense output and legacy of Japan’s third largest company – Nintendo

Not a Nintendo fan? Well go and have a giggle in the movie segment where we’re chatting about Naked Gun.

N is for Naked Gun

“It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.”

It’s a classic comedy but is there more to 1988’s Naked Gun than just puns and slapstick? Mike & Rob hit the mean streets in search of some answers and along the way find some one star reviews par excellence, some sequels that are just sub par and come to an agreement on just where this Zucker brothers films sits in the general scale of things.

Too funny for you? Well we’re serious about Nintendo in this month’s tech bit so perhaps you should try that on for size.

M is for Magnetic Storage Media

Let’s get it out of the way, there are a lot of “floppy” jokes in this episode.

But then there’s also a lot of stuff on just how computers store data, from the drum to the modern drive. Mike gets quizzed on a range of real of fake storage terms in Disk or D*ck and Rob tries valiantly not to lose it completely when discussing micro floppies (he fails).

Too bitty for ya? Well go take a look at the movie segment where we get into the Matrix!

M is for The Matrix

Red Pill anyone?

In the first episode of 2018 Mike & Rob take a drunken stumble down the rabbit hole and explore the dark, dystopian alternate reality that is the Matrix. With a whole new “thing” we’re starting for this year, fear not, the usual level of ribald silliness and your favourite segments are still there.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a listen – we guarantee its more interesting and entertaining than both of the matrix sequels combined!

Not digging the Matrix? Check out our Magnetic tech segment instead … it’s way more attractive … #sorryNotSorry

New Year and the polls are open!

Kicking off 2018 as we mean to go on and that means the poll is now open for January’s episode. It’s the letter M and the team have shortlisted 3 movies and 3 techy topics. All you have to do is choose your fave:

Polls close in 1 week (10th Jan) so get cracking and vote vote VOTE!

L is for Linux

Containing exactly no Star Wars spoilers, this month Mike gets to grips with the world of open source and learns all about Linux! From the origins of Unix, through to the modern distro and with a series of titillating  jokes about “packages” it surprising how much we cover in a little under an hour.

Not a Nix fan? That’s cool, we’ve got a Star Wars Last Jedi special over in the movie segment.

L is for The Last Jedi

Warning – this podcast contains major spoilers!

We’ve covered classics old & new but this month is the first time we’ve talked about a movie that’s still in the cinema. Mike & Rob become one with the force and explore a galaxy far far away as they examine the latest in the Star Wars series – The Last Jedi!

Not a fan or just avoiding spoilers? Check out the tech segment which covers the wonderful world of Linux!

K is for Keyboards

In another classic case of “it’s more interesting than it sounds … honest” Mike and Rob crack their knuckles and hunt peck their way through a  surprisingly detailed look at the world of keyboards.  From the humble typewriter, to the modern day of mind reading data entry (with a surprising number of w*nking jokes) join us as we literally run down A – Z of computer data entry.

Not your type (see what we did there?) well it’s all kicking off over in the movie segment where we’re talking about Karate Kid!

K is for Karate Kid

Wax on, wax off! After a shocker of a poll, Mike & Rob suit up and head to the dojo (pub) to discuss the seminal, martial arts coming of age movie Karate Kid. With the usual plot dissection, some superb karatriva and one star reviews from Donald Trump, it only remains to be seen if Mike will sweep the leg and if Rob will ever work out how to get all this wax off!

Oh and stay tuned for the special announcement of our super special Christmas special! It’s … special.

To punchy for ya? Well we did a tech thing about keyboards that might push your buttons (it’s quite rude though so you’ve been warned).

The Poll is closed for November

Update: The polls are closed. The people have spoken. The November episode will be:

📣 The Karate Kid & Keyboards! 📣

Thanks to all who voted, while the tech segment as a clear thing, the movie was very close with Kill Bill coming a near second.

No poll for December as we’ve got something special planned (bet you can’t guess what) but normal service will be resumed in Jan with the letter M

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