We couldn’t not do James Bond when we got to J but perhaps we could have not done it in a cocktail bar.

A double feature this month as Mike and Rob don black tie, shake up a martini and stare down the barrel of 24 films! Split over two halves with three bonds per half, we include Amazon 1 Star reviews and, in place of the dedicated tech segment, a review of each Bond’s gadgets.

In the first half, we cover Connery, Lazenby*, and Moore. In the second, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig. All the while sipping martini’s, vespas and pretty much anything else JB is purported to have drunk.

It’s long, it gets messy, but it’s pretty damn funny!

Part One:

and Part Two:

* The crap Australian one, looks a bit like a plank of wood with ears.

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