We’re Drunk & We’re Nominated!

The movies have the Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Razzies, while the world of tech has … well lots of awards but none that really stick in the mind. So too, the world of Podcasting has the Podcast Awards and we, the humble, drunken team behind this scrappy ‘cast with a heart of gold, are nominated!

Voting is by a closed pool so this isn’t even a call to arms – we’re just super chuffed and wanted to tell you all the good news! We’re in the “Rob Has a Podcast Entertainment Category” (different Rob, honest) along with nine other hopefuls. We have an agonising wait until the 15th Sept to find out how we did so please, keep everything crossed and please, tell everyone you see between now and then how amazing WDAWKT is, on the off-chance that one of them is actually in a voting role.

Oh and good luck to our fellow nominees Behind The Magic, Blazing Defender Report, ComicsVerse, Elseworlds Exchange, Pop Goes Your World, Remake This Movie RIGHT!, Shut Up a Second, The Blacklist Exposed & The Detroit Cast. May the best Podcast win!

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