Just what is the plural of Emoji … Emojis, Emojie? Who knows, and who cares.

In this months tech segment, Rob tells Mike way more about Emoji than anyone would care to admit to knowing. Pictograms, Purple Egg Plants and Poop all feature, along with a healthy dose of innuendo, more than enough to put a smiley on your face.

Don’t dig the Emoji? That’s fine, head over to this month’s movie episode to learn all about Escape from New York! (warning contains synth)

The Original Emoji

As created by Shigetaka Kurita back in 1998:

Shigetaka Kurita, NTT DOCOMO. Emoji (original set of 176). 1998–99. Software and digital image files. Gift of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan

Src: MoMA

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