Welcome to “We’re Drunk and We Know Things”. Join Mike, a movie expert & tech user, and Rob, a tech expert & movie watcher, as they attempt to educate each other in a classic movie, and a technology concept each month.

Recorded in a bar, with ale, silliness ensues!


T is for TCP/IP

Kid, have you ever wondered how the internet works? Well it’s all down to these things called packets. Follow Rob & Mike on a magical, albeit synful journey through the protocols that make the net work. Not digging the TCP? That’s ok, we’ve got a seriously sucky movie segment in Twister.

T is for Twister

It sucked … so anyway. this month in WDAWKT we’re breezing through another 90’s classic. Featuring Bills, Dustys, bits of Dusty, cows, fields, cars and, of course, tornadoes. This month on WDAKT, it’s Twister! Think Twister blows? Well that’s cool cos over in the tech segment we’ve got a whole bit on TCP/IP!

S is for Search Engines

Engines that Search. We cover the early days of directories, the emergent search engine market and the rise of the mighty Google before donning our tin foil hats and diving headfirst into a world of paranoia and fear. It’s geeky, it’s techy and it has an actual segment related to Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA FBCS so the only question you have to ask yourself is … are you “Feeling Lucky”?


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