Welcome to “We’re Drunk and We Know Things”. Join Mike, a movie expert & tech user, and Rob, a tech expert & movie watcher, as they attempt to educate each other in a classic movie, and a technology concept each month.

Recorded in a bar, with ale, silliness ensues!


We’re Drunk & We’re Nominated!

The movies have the Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Razzies, while the world of tech has … well lots of awards but none that really stick in the mind. So too, the world of Podcasting has the Podcast Awards and we, the humble, drunken team behind this scrappy ‘cast with a heart of gold, are nominated!

G is for GPS

It’s about time the tech segment escaped our humble atmosphere and made it to outerspace. And with that in mind join us for an orbital tour of all things geo. GPS, Geo Caching, Geo Fencing, Geo Cities … er … yes. Anyway, give it a listen, it really is out of this world!

G is for Ghostbusters

A movie that requires no introduction and didn’t really need a podcast, this month, Mike and Rob try to avoid things that go bump in the night and take a tour round New York with the Ghostbusters! Expect the usual sillyness, 1 Star reviews and a mass of misty nostalgia.


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